Small Storage Unit
July 14, 2021

Storage Unit Size Guide

Finding the right size storage unit is important. You want to have enough room without paying for more than you need. Storage Depot of Savannah understands that it can be a difficult process if you have never gone through it before. We created this storage unit size guide to help you understand what storage unit would fit best for your needs.

Sizing Guide

Small Storage Units

If you are only looking to store a few items or are a student needing storage for dorm supplies, a small storage unit is a good start. And it may be all you need. About the size of a walk-in closet, these can hold two or three large items and boxes of smaller pieces. Think of these as able to hold about one room’s worth of contents. Stick to storing small- to medium-sized objects in this category of storage unit sizes. Once you try storing larger mattress sizes, you will run into sizing restrictions. Always double-check measurements before attempting to move in any large items!

Medium Storage Units

Self storage is great for clearing extra space in your home. Medium storage units can range up to the size of a one-car garage. They can store appliances, mattresses, bed frames, kayaks, motorcycles, and more. Business owners can even use medium storage units to store inventory or equipment. And with many businesses looking to move away from their office spaces, self storage is a much cheaper option to hold desks, supplies, and other equipment until the team needs it again.

Large Storage Units

Large storage units do not have a lot of restrictions. Able to fit 3+ rooms’ worth of content, they can hold the entire contents of your home during a move. Check with one of the professionals in our office to see if one of our large storage units is right for your project! Or if you are a Savannah business in need of some large storage space, we offer commercial warehouse space up to 4,800 square feet. Call to inquire more!

Store with Storage Depot of Savannah

Ready to find your self storage solution now that you have looked through our storage unit size guide? Savannah, GA, residents, Storage Depot of Savannah has an office on Lynah Avenue and an annex facility on Bourne Ave to serve you wherever you are in the city. We offer temperature-controlled and drive-up storage units in all sizes for your convenience. If you still need help picking a storage unit size, our storage calculator can give you a recommendation. If you are ready, check out our available storage units to rent or reserve contact-free.