Moving to Savannah GA Guide
May 14, 2021

Moving to Savannah GA: 4 Tips to Make the Most of the City

The warmer weather is finally rolling in and that means there is no better time to explore the city crowned the Hostess City of the South. Aptly named, the oldest city in Georgia is a veritable playground of the south, offering travelers and residents culture, cuisine, and attractions that embody true southern charm. Between the historic sites and weekend events, there is plenty to do. Are you currently looking at moving to Savannah GA? Read our definitive guide and learn how you can make the most of your time in a city bubbling with southern spirit.

Take in the History – Visit Savannah’s Historic District

An obvious first stop in Savannah, but don’t let the popularity of this historic district sway you from a visit. Historically, Savannah, Georgia is known as America’s first planned city – a concept highlighted through the downtown area’s grid-like arrangement. Indeed, this area serves as the cultural hub of Savannah, and notably acts as the largest National Historic Landmark District in the United States. Travelers and residents alike can spend the day traversing 22 historic squares filled with museums, churches, mansions and monuments of the Revolution & Civil War eras.

Consider spending a day on a guided trolley-tour of this historic district. Notable stops include the United State’s first African Baptist Church, the landmark Savannah Theater (one of the US’s oldest continually-operating theaters), and the Flannery O’Connor House. This residence now serves as a house museum for the late American novelist, providing visitors with an intimate look into the author’s upbringing, as well as their eventual literary pursuits. Unsure of where to begin? Take a look at Savannah’s event calendar for the year, and structure your getaway off of a day that sounds interesting.

Take in the Cuisine – Explore Local Restaurants in the Historic District

Low Country Cuisine
Low Country by elittle CC BY-SA 2.0

From a culinary prospective, Savannah’s downtown is host to a bevy of exemplary local restaurants showcasing classic Southern culinary staples that exemplify true Southern hospitality at its core. Dishes in this area most typically embody Lowcountry cuisine – a regional style of cuisine originating out of Georgia and South Carolina primarily known for its influences from English, French, and Caribbean cuisines, and its abundant use of fresh seafood from the nearby coastal regions. Think Bayou cuisine with a Georgia twist! Restaurants typically employ a farm-to-table approach to their products, and dining areas often feature family-style dining. Pull up a chair with your new found friend and dig in to popular dishes such as Gumbo, and a savory Catfish soup.

As for restaurants; you can’t go wrong with a visit to The Grey located in Historic Downtown Savannah. This culinary institute occupies a former 1938 art deco Greyhound Bus Terminal that was painstakingly restored to encapsulate Savannah’s storied past. The executive chef, James Beard award recipient Mashama Bailey, describes her cooking as “port city Southern food”, with dishes layering African and Caribbean flavors with traditional Southern comfort staples. Be sure to make a reservation – this restaurant is amongst Savannah’s trendiest culinary destinations.

Alternatively, if you’ve got a taste for comfort food but would like to avoid the hype and fervor surrounding The Grey; look to Sisters of the New South in Village Heights. A true local favorite, Sisters of the New South serves up classic southern comfort staples in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Their menu is simple, and it rarely changes, but locals within the area continue to swear by such classics as the savory oxtails, smothered pork chops, and the generously portioned fried oysters dinner. The Sisters probably state it best when they say, “We are a Family Southern Soulfood restaurant serving all your Grandma’s Favorite dishes!”. This is one restaurant you can guarantee to never leave hungry.

Take in the Nature – Enjoy Regional Beaches and The Best Local Parks

Outside of historic residences, Savannah, Georgia’s downtown and its surrounding area boast an impressive selection of state parks, historic sites, and cemeteries. Numerous historic squares are home to a park or some form of greenery; however, there may be none as notable as the historic Forsyth Park. A true Georgia icon, Forsyth Park is the largest park in the historic district of Savannah, and covers 30 acres of land just south of Gaston Street downtown. Most notable inside is Forsyth Park’s popular fountain, a feature designed to mimic French ideals of nature coexisting within an urban environment. Over 150 years old, this feature is a popular visit for tourists and residents alike and will remain a consistent backdrop in engagement photos for years to come.

Escape from the city center to discover Georgia’s coast. Visit Tybee Island a mere 20 minutes outside of Savannah’s city center. Most visitors flock to the island to enjoy Tybee Island Beach, a 5 mile strip of public beaches ideal for a weekend spent sunbathing, surfing, or swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. Here visitors can dine on the freshest catch of the day and enjoy an evening performance at the historic Tybee Post Theater. This theater laid dormant for over 30 years, but it has since reopened to rebrand as a cultural arts center for the community and provides live music, theater productions, and movie screenings to visitors and residents of the Tybee Island area. Consider booking a seaside hotel and spending the evening. Tybee Island is the perfect weekend retreat from the hustle and stress of day-to-day life.

Take in the Views – Explore a Different Side of Savannah With a River Boat Cruise

Southern lifestyle and the culture that surrounds it truly reflect an easy and relaxed way of living. Nothing quite embodies this spirit more so than a river boat cruise on Savannah’s most elegant and luxuriously equipped vessel: the Georgia Queen. Tour Savannah in style from this exquisite and impressive multi-level vessel that is outfitted to comfortably carry 1,000 passengers downriver on a historic tour from the river district, visiting the Florence Martus monument, Eugene Talmadge Memorial Bridge, and Old Fort Jackson.

The Georgia Queen itself is a true modern marvel and is a popular choice for weddings due to its elegant setting. The vessel boasts a fully-equipped gourmet kitchen outfitted to provide fine dining for its three spacious and luxurious grand ballrooms throughout the voyage. Additionally, each deck offers a fully stocked bar to its patrons – book this cruise today and tour Savannah in style!

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We’ve gathered and presented the evidence, and the case can be made – Savannah, Georgia is a true gem of the south that is defined by its historical significance and deep cultural imprint. The cuisine; the landmarks; the nearby beaches and rivers – all come together to embody the quiet ease of the southern lifestyle. And now that you’re considering moving to Savannah, GA; what is your next step? Act now to find a secure and affordable self-storage facility to help with your transition. Look no further than Storage Depot of Savanna GA for your moving needs. This robust facility offers numerous amenities to assist you with your move. Amenities include temperature-controlled storage units, and the convenience of packing and moving supplies sold on-site. Considering moving to Savannah GA? Come rent with Storage Depot of Savannah today!