Storage Supplies Savannah GA
October 15, 2020

Packing Boxes: Tips & Storage Supplies

Your packing process becomes easier once you get organized. Storage Depot of Savannah is here to help with online resources and storage supplies that are sold on-site at our Savannah GA office. At our facility you can also find affordable drive-up and temperature-controlled storage. Rent with us today! Then follow these tips to pack efficiently.

1. Gather a Bag of Storage Supplies

You are going to lose your roll of tape and scissors dozens of times before you finish packing. Put together a bag of storage supplies, so you always have them handy. Prep ahead with scissors, multiple rolls of tape, wrenches, screwdrivers, and anything else you think you might need when disassembling and packing. Storage Depot of Savannah sells storage supplies in our Savannah GA office. A portion of our sales during the month of October are going to Susan G. Komen for Breast Cancer Awareness, so we can help support research about this disease.

2. Organize Boxes by Room

Once you find an organizational tactic that works for you, your packing and unpacking will get a lot easier. Some people like to label their boxes so they know what is inside. We recommend writing the room of the house the box belongings in as well as the contents of the box. This way you can easily find specific objects later. You can also create a cheat sheet in a notebook if you do not want to label.

Getting Storage Supplies in Savannah GA

When you buy storage supplies from Storage Depot of Savannah, you are helping to honor our friends and neighbors who are affected by breast cancer. So when you need more boxes, come see us! We can also set you up with a storage unit or warehouse space to fit any commercial or residential storage need. Start storing with us!