Commercial Storage
September 23, 2020

Excelling Business with Commercial Storage

Are you running out of storage space for your business? If you are looking for alternatives to renting large office spaces, Storage Depot of Savannah has commercial storage options to fit any need and budget. We offer affordable temperature-controlled and drive-up storage units at our facility on Lynah Avenue. We also have an annex location on Bourne Avenue. See how we can help your business excel!

Storage Depot of Savannah Extra Features

Drive-Up Storage Units

Drive-up storage units take away any unnecessary heavy lifting. Pull your vehicle right up to the storage unit to unload it. These are also convenient for tenants who wish to regularly access their storage unit and move items in and out frequently.

Temperature-Controlled Storage Units

There are a lot of benefits to getting temperature-controlled storage. Many items need protection against damage that can occur from extreme temperatures or fluctuations in temperature. Your items may be at risk of growing mold, mildew, or rust. And furniture might warp as time goes on. Come back to everything in the same condition you left it when you rent with Storage Depot of Savannah.

Warehouse Space

If you need larger than an average storage unit’s worth of space, we can handle that, too. Our largest warehouse space is 40×120 feet.

Items You Can Store in Commercial Storage

  • Office Supplies
  • Extra Furniture
  • Filing System
  • Store Displays and Shelves
  • Tools and Other Equipment
  • Inventory

Your business storage needs might differ from others’. Find what is right for you. Our month-by-month leasing allows you to only rent as long as you need. Rent for a few months to get your current space organized, or rent with us for the long haul. If you are still curious about how we can help you business, call our office to speak to a knowledgeable member of our staff.

Commercial Storage at Storage Depot of Savannah

Ready to give your business more space? Storage Depot of Savannah has two locations in Savannah GA offering temperature-controlled and drive-up storage units. You can find storage with us through our contactless storage rentals. Rent a storage unit and be able to move in immediately. Reserve one for future use. Find yours here!