Cross Country Moves Savannah GA
May 6, 2019

Cross Country Moves: Checklist to Help You Pack

What do you need to know before you take on cross country moves? A long distance move can be challenging, but with self storage, unpacking is easy and you can store your gear while you get situated. Whether moving for a job or moving for a better experience, Storage Depot of Savannah is your go to option when looking for storage before, during, and after your move.

Self storage provides a gap between packing up the whole house and unpacking it at the new house. Give yourself a break and move in little by little, or keep your belongings with us while you temporarily relocate for work.

Cross Country Moves Savannah GA

Where to Update Your Address

  1. Have your mail forwarded to your new address starting on the date you move in. You can schedule this to take affect as soon as you know the official date.
  2. If you moved to a new state, update your previous doctor and dentist of your move. Then talk with your realtor about a list of reputable offices for new patients.
  3. Credit cards, online accounts, and insurances agents are just a few you need to update. You can notify them in advance of the move, so they can update your information prior to a move.

Pantry Re-Stocking: What You Should Have On-Hand

Canned goods, dry items, spices, and cleaning supplies all may be on the shopping list. So you do not forget anything while shopping, use a checklist to help restock some of the necessities.

Storage Depot of Savannah provides a safe place for the RV, vehicle, and household items. Give us a call or rent online to make moving this summer a little easier.