Savannah GA Self Storage
March 15, 2019

Steps To Sell Your Items Online

Getting ready for summer? Selling your items online can help you save for vacation, get started after college, and make room around the house. Storage Depot of Savannah is all about helping our customers save space. Many business owners on Etsy find self storage useful for products while homeowners find storage to be handy if downsizing. See all the benefits our Savannah GA self storage provides online shoppers and sellers.

Storage Depot of Savannah has parking spaces and drive up storage units. Use our Savannah GA parking spaces while you find the right buyer for your vehicle or store clothing in between seasons in storage.

Savannah GA Self Storage

How To Sell Your Items Online

  1. Take a photo of tags for name brand items. This helps show customers the authenticity of a higher priced item.
  2. Start with a higher price, be realistic, and work your way down. If you are willing to negotiate the price, it can help attract customers.
  3. Be up front with wear and tear – Does it work? Will it need repaired?
  4. Meet in a public location or send items to your buyer.
  5. Many sites like Let Go and Offer Up do not allow alcohol related items.

What to Sell Online

  1. Planning a wedding a soon? Check out what past brides have for sale. Local online yard sales are an easy way to get wedding decor and other favors to cut the cost of your big day.
  2. Many college students sell back their books to help cover the cost of the initial price. Before fall, see what books are online before heading to your campus book store.
  3. Video games and electronics catch the eye of collectors and other game enthusiasts. If you still have yours, consider selling it.

Selling your belongings online can help you save up money for a vacation or bring in some extra income. Storage Depot of Savannah can offer a storage unit to help make your small business have a big online presence.

Find our Savannah GA self storage online! You can rent on our website and move in the same day. Talk with us about your personal storage needs or business storage benefits.