Car Storage Savannah GA
September 1, 2018

Car Storage Tips for Storing in Winter

Is it time to put the car in storage or swap a few items at your storage unit? Whether you are storing the car because of weather or it needs safe location, Storage Depot of Savannah GA can help. With outdoor car storage options, you can park your RV, car, or trailer for as long as you need. Use these long-term storage tips to help keep your car roadworthy.

Car Storage Savannah GA

Car storage for the winter

  • When choosing a cover, choose one that is breathable; this will keep moisture from being trapped underneath.
  • A new layer of wax after a little detail work is best to preserve your paint job.
  • Keep your insurance current over the winter months.
  • Remove wipers so they do not freeze to the windshield.
  • Top off fluids and add a stabilizer to the gas tank. Sediment can settle and clog lines but with a stabilizer this problem is less likely.
  • Batteries should stored elsewhere; somewhere dry, cool, and preferably on a tender.

With easy online renting options, car storage in Savannah GA is hassle free. Storage Depot of Savannah has drive up storage units and temperature-controlled storage for all of your belongings. Need help deciding which Savannah GA storage unit is right for your needs? Our storage calculator and experts will show you where to begin. Give us a call, stop in the office, or complete the  storage rental online.

We are here meet your car storage needs this winter. Let us know how we can assist you at Storage Depot of Savannah GA.