Self Storage Tips Savannah GA
August 9, 2018

Self Storage Tips: Seasonal Storage Option

Are you looking for a safe place to store your summer items? Storage Depot of Savannah helps businesses and home owners find the self storage tips they need to store their belongings. This month we are focused on taking the pool toys in for the season and getting the sweaters ready. With our list of suggestions you can enjoy the rest of summer knowing our Savannah GA self storage is here when you need it.

Need to know self storage tips

Self Storage Tips Savannah GA

  • Grilling is all part of the summer, but if you are putting it away for a little while clean off any grease left over. Food and leftover grease, attract small rodents that can be damaging to your other belongings in storage.
  • Extreme weather can damage photos and other precious items, but temperature controlled storage units are a way to beat the heat.
  • Use DampRid to controlled the amount of moisture in your unit. We offer containers and refills in our office.
  • Once it is too chilly to swim in the pool, deflate and lay pool toys out to dry. Packing away wet toys can cause mold to grow.
  • Pool chemicals should be clearly marked before put in storage. Avoid stacking them on top of each other since the lids can crack and cause a spill.
  • The varnish on wood patio furniture can start to look weathered by the end of year. Give it a new coat of paint and keep a dust cover over it to keep dirt and dust off it while in storage.
  • Storage helps many homeowners find a place for their outdoor tools from season to season. Lawn mowers and tillers should have all oil and gas taken out before closing the storage unit.

Storage Depot of Savannah has self storage tips for all your seasonal belongings. Find self storage in Savannah GA with the help of our on site professionals. Our storage experts will lead you to secure, convenient storage.