Choosing Our Wine Storage in Wynwood Miami FL

Wine Storage Coming Soon!

SpareSpace Storage in Miami FL will provide up to 52 wine collectors with some of the most advanced, technologically robust, ultra-secure, temperature accurate, humidity specific, wine cellar options available throughout South Florida.  With a variety of cellar sizes and configurations, we have a solution for a collector who has simply outgrown their wine refrigerators at home or those who need a safe place for an entire library.  Our wine storage units can accommodate a total of more than 48,000 bottles of wine

  • Ultra-secure building where access to the wine cellar requires passing through 3 separate coded entry/exit points
  • Unique code system for each collector where those who vacate no longer have access
  • More than 75 security cameras in the building, and nearly a dozen that one passes before entering/exiting the wine cellar area
  • Redundant, hydrogen specific cooling systems designed specifically for wine by mechanical engineers from Napa Valley in a manner that gives confidence in temperature consistency
  • Backup generator powered by subterranean pipped natural gas for the complete operation of the security system, access systems, and temperature control during power outages and hurricanes
  • The building is not only outside of a FEMA flood zone but was raised by nearly two feet to provide additional peace of mind regarding flooding
  • Ample lighting for the space that is designed to only be in use while a collector is in the space working with their collection. Dark when humans are not present in the cellar
  • You hold the keys and access to your individual cellar, no access by anyone who you do not provide access to
  • High-quality wooden buildout and racking included in some cellars
  • Management will receive and place your wine shipments in the cellar if you so choose
  • Covered and fanned loading area for easy pick up and drop off to your cellar
  • Complete confidentiality for those who rent from us, your name and information will not be shared with non-employees.

Unit Mix Breakdown

Small Storage Units (25 Units) Holds Between 386 – 499 bottles
Medium Storage Units (22 Units) Holds Between 504 – 1610 bottles
Large Storage Units (5 Units) Holds Between 3000 – 6,000 bottles
Custom We can create up to 2 custom units with bottle capacities as large as 20,000