Shed Storage Ideas
July 25, 2021

5 Garage & Shed Storage Ideas for Home Organization

How do you keep your outdoor storage space organized? Garages and sheds tend to hold all of our seasonal gear and then some, but what if you want to turn your garage into a workshop or your shed into a she-shed. SpareSpace Storage has a few shed storage ideas to get your home organization in order.

Check out these shed storage tips to help you clean up around the house.

5 Garage & Shed Storage Ideas to Help You Get Organized

1. Use Tough Racks

Steel Shelf

Image by Michael Kauer from Pixabay lic Pixabay

Metal racks will keep things tidy and neat in the shed. If you opt to choose metal shelves, you can use them to suspend your metal tools using magnets. You want your shelving foundation to be sturdy and last the tests of time and temperature change. Over the next few years, these racks will have to support a lot of tools, boxes, and equipment, so make sure you choose a durable material that can hold everything.

2. Scraps Make Great Shelves

Screwdriver Shelf

Photo by Sam Henderson @HGTV

We all love a good, easy DIY. You can use leftover wood from your latest project to make a place to hold all your screwdrivers or drill bits. Easily secure the piece of wood in front of your workbench and put your small tools away when finished. You are using up all of your materials as well as finding an easy access home for your tools. Win, win!

3. Recycle Old Pallets

Hanging Pallet With Tools

Photo @ HGTV by Mick Telkamp

Speaking of using up all of your materials, do you have any pallets lying around? Turn your old pallets on their sides and make a place for shovels and racks. Insert a couple hooks, and you are good to go.

4. Use the Space Around your Shed

Garden Tools Outside the shed

Do not limit your creativity to stay “inside the box.” Instead, look outside—literally—to make your shed even bigger and better. The space surrounding the shed can be transformed into a potters bench or more storage. You can use this area to put plants and tools for the garden. You can even make it  functional workspace with this fold down table design from Family Handyman.

5. Benefit From Storage Units

Patio Furniture

SpareSpace Storage units in Miami, FL, can be a safe location for extra tools and seasonal items. Store your patio furniture or your seasonal tools for the business with our self storage facility on Northwest 30th Street. We can hold objects that you do not use often and are just taking up extra space. This way, you can keep in your shed only the items that you will need in the following months. See how else SpaerSpace Storage can help you get organized!

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We are located in Wynwood, Miami, FL, and we are ready to help you store. Maybe you are an avid woodworker and your garage needs to stay organized; we can help. Keep your shed storage space ready for the latest project with the help of our storage units. We offer indoor and temperature-controlled storage options, so you can best protect your items throughout hot Florida seasons. Call or stop by our office to talk to one of our storage experts to see what we can do for you. Or you can browse through our Miami storage selection yourself if you already know what kind of storage unit you need. Rent online with SpareSpace today!