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March 18, 2021

Storage Tips: How to Pack a Storage Unit

Searching for self storage in Miami FL? SpareSpace Storage experts can assist you every step of the way, so you can find the perfect storage unit for your residential or commercial storage needs. Located in Wynwood, our storage facility conveniently sits right off I-95 and serves a number of local neighborhoods. Whether you are in Wynwood, Miami Beach, or Edgewater, SpareSpace Storage has the nearby space for you. Once you find your storage unit, follow these tips to help pack and organize your storage unit.

How to Pack & Arrange Your Storage Unit

  1. Plan the layout of your storage unit. Leave a center aisle in your storage unit, so you have room to access all sides an reorganize if you need to. Keep valuable items toward the back, far from the door, and pack items you will be picking up more frequently in the front of the storage unit.
  2. Pack your belongings up with quality storage supplies. Our storage office on northwest 30th Street sells packing supplies, such as all size boxes and different padding options. Come by and let our storage experts hook you up with the supplies your items need to stay safe in storage.
  3. Label boxes for clarity. Do yourself a favor, and label boxes you cannot see into. This will make searching for specific items much easier in the future.

how to pack a storage unit

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Best Self Storage in Miami FL

SpareSpace Storage is the best storage option in Miami FL with all the features and supplies necessary for an easy storage experience. We offer temperature-controlled and interior storage options, as well as large commercial space for businesses. Whether you need more storage space for the home or office, come by our storage facility on northwest 30th Street for your solution. SpareSpace Storage has friendly service and a pristine facility in Wynwood. Rent or reserve with us online today!