Storage Supplies Wynwood FL
October 16, 2020

The Key to the Best Storage Supplies in Wynwood FL

If you live in Miami FL, you have a lot of storage options, so choose one that works hard for you and your community. SpareSpace on 30th Street offers guidance from packing resources to helping pick a storage unit size. Choose one of our temperature-controlled storage units to start getting your space organized. When you begin packing, stop by our facility office for the best storage supplies in Wynwood FL!

Why is it the best? For the month of October, SpareSpace is donating a percentage of our storage supplies sales to Susan G. Komen to raise money for breast cancer research. Help us support this essential cause by stopping in for boxes, bubble wrap, furniture covers, and more when you swing by the office! In the meantime, follow these tips to help make packing a little easier.

1. Keep Track of the Items in Your Boxes and Bins

Whether you choose to label your boxes or write everything down in a notebook, you should know what is in each of your boxes. It will help you keep your storage unit organized for keeping same-room items together. And when you are looking for a specific item later, you will be able to find it with ease. 

2. Distribute the Weight Efficiently

Boxes getting too heavy? A mistake people often make is packing your largest objects in your largest boxes. While they may fit, the weight of the box starts to get heavy fast. Protect the box from breaking and yourself from getting hurt by packing heavy objects in smaller boxes. Then you can use large boxes for lighter objects, like clothes and blankets. Buy new boxes from our office to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

3. Reserve Your Storage in Advance with SpareSpace

You can never be too prepared. SpareSpace gives you the opportunity to reserve a storage unit for a specific move-in date without any obligations. In order to move in on that date, you have to call back before that date to complete your purchase.

So What is the Key to Finding the Best Storage Supplies in Wynwood FL?

Store with SpareSpace! Besides excellent customer service, we also offer premier temperature-controlled storage units for nearby zip codes 33127, 33132, 33140, 33137, and beyond. Even if you do not plan on storing with SpareSpace, you can still help make a difference. We have the best storage supplies in Wynwood FL, and you do not have to be one of our tenants to take advantage of that. Find storage and storage supplies with us!