Wine Storage Wynwood FL
September 18, 2020

Store Fine Wine in Premium Wine Storage in Wynwood FL

Do you fancy yourself a fine wine collector? That is one hobby that can quick take up space in your home. SpareSpace can help you lengthen the life of your wine with proper, temperature-controlled wine storage near Wynwood FL.

How to Store Wine Correctly

Wine must be stored under proper conditions in order to maintain its quality. And if you are paying for a bottle of fine wine to enjoy a few years down the road, you want to be sure it is just as good as you remember.

Keep in a Dry, Dark Place

Light of any kind (sun or light bulbs) can impact the color of the wine and the way it feels, causing it to spoil. Lighter wines are more at risk for damage from light. That is why they are usually put in dark-colored bottles. Wine can also be disturbed by too much vibration, which can cause a grainy texture.

Find Temperature and Climate Control

Too high of temperatures can cause wine to age more quickly, and fluctuating temperatures may lead to seepage down the road. Preferably, leave your wine in a consistent of about 55 degrees. You should use a specific wine refrigerator instead of a normal one. Climate control keeps your storage in a specific humidity range. For wine, that should be approximately 50-80% humidity. Moisture can ruin the label, which is just as much a part of the wine experience.

Store Sideways

All the experts recommend storing your wine bottles horizontally on a wine rack. This prevents the cork from drying out and giving your wine an unwelcomed odor.

Wine Storage at SpareSpace Storage in Wynwood

In addition to regular temperature-controlled storage units, SpareSpace Storage has specific wine storage with temperature and climate control. Our premium storage has some of the most advanced wine cellar options in South Florida. Our Miami FL facility can hold more than 48,000 bottles of wine total.

What Can Our Wine Storage Units Hold?

Small Storage Units: 386 – 499 bottles

Medium Storage Units: 504 – 1,610 bottles

Large Storage Units: 3,000 – 6,000 bottles


View our wine storage options, and check out our other temperature-controlled storage units!