Selling Items Online Miami FL
March 1, 2019

Tips to Selling Items Online

Storing extra gear at home? Clean out your house for warmer weather with these tips for selling items online. If you have not used supplies in the last year or worn a specific outfit in a few months, you can sell online and get your money back. SpareSpace Storage has storage tips to assist with your spring cleaning. Move your belongings to storage or start selling online.

SpareSpace Storage has 2 self storage facilities coming to Miami FL. You can reserve your storage unit now for a temperature controlled storage indoor space for your belongings.

Selling Items Online Miami FL

Selling Websites & Apps

  • Offer Up and Let Go are great for selling electronics and gaming systems.
  • Facebook Marketplace can help you find the right buyer for furniture and other household items.
  • Ebay can be the place to collectors find that one of a kind items for their collection.

Post on multiple sites to show off what you have to offer. Keep the same description and pictures, then download the app to make your interactions online easier.

Things to Sell Online

  • Clothing
  • Wedding décor
  • Art Supplies
  • School Supplies
  • Materials for Hobbies

How to Sell Online

  1. Photos are helpful along with detailed descriptions and can be an easy way for customers to see what they want.
  2. Selling in bulk? Post a photo of each item or lay them out so all the pieces can be clearly seen.
  3. Shoppers may want to negotiate the price. If you are willing make your starting price a little higher.
  4. Name brand belongings should have photos with the tag showing the brand it is associated with.

SpareSpace Storage is proud to offer self storage tips for your moving and organizing needs. Reserve your storage unit for either of our locations in Miami FL come the summer of 2019.