Storage Solutions Miami FL
August 1, 2018

Storage Solutions: Packing for Self Storage before You Arrive

What do you need to know before storing your belongings? SpareSpace Storage™ has the storage solutions for packing your home or business in the storage unit. Use the checklist below so you do not forget any details when storing. Whether you are planning to move houses or you want to get organized, our Miami FL storage units can be a vital part to your storing experience.

Storage Solutions Miami FL

  • Make a list of in each room of items going to storage. Wash the item and label the boxes to stay organized.
  • Stock up on labels, boxes, and tape. Moving supplies can be found in our office!
  • Storing furniture? Use the drawers in your dresser to keep linens. This is an easy way to store your belongings without depleting your supplies.
  • While going through your house, make a donate section of things you no longer use but can be useful to others.
  • Do not just place a bare mattress in your storage unit; put the mattress in a cover for safe keeping.
  • Last minute packing should be all your essential items that you need as soon as you arrive at the new house. Keep these boxes separate from those moving to the storage unit.
  • Stack dishes vertically with a layer of cardboard in between each piece so breakage while moving is less likely to happen.

When you need storage solutions come to the experts you trust most at our Miami FL storage facility. When you need Miami FL self storage SpareSpace Storage™ has the answers for organized convenient storage units. Find more helpful storage tips on our site the next time you plan a move!